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Here at Zita Yoga payments are non-refundable. Studio members have access to one session per week in their ability class. Studio members will be able to join more classes if available space within said class this will alter membership payment but will be discussed with yourself and Zita Yoga to personalise membership. Online members will have access to as many classes per week in their ability class.  Memberships will be cancelled if a member of Zita Yoga shares their membership log in, duplicates or otherwise uses pre-recorded or live class videos. Memberships will also be cancelled if violence, criminal or inappropriate activity occurs. Monthly memberships cannot be refunded unless Zita Yoga cease to exist this includes online and studio memberships. Zita Yoga memberships are personal, these cannot be shared, transferred nor assigned without prior written agreement. 




  • Membership is on a monthly basis payment to be made on the agreement date and payments thereafter will be paid on this same date every month 

  • Payments are non-refundable unless there is breach of negligence by Zita Yoga. 

  • Payments are non-refundable unless cancellation protocol has been exercised 

  • To cancel monthly memberships an advanced 1-month notice will be required via email to

  • Any changes to member details will require you to email Zita Yoga so we can update as soon as possible via

  • Monthly membership increase fees are subjected to 1-month (30 days) notice period, you will be notified via email and or phone call/face to face 

  • Failure to pay amount for 2 weeks after the due date will result in access to membership being denied in the studio or online until payment has been made in full. 

  • Any membership online or studio that has been terminated will not be entitled to a refund of any payment already charged.

  • Once a member has joined online, they are entitled to 14 days cancellation during these 14 days if a booking is made all rights will be lost.


  • Evidence will be required to qualify for this membership discount. ID must be in date. Evidence to be sent to

  • Unemployed discount will be available for your first 3 months of membership after which full membership payment. 

  • Here at Zita Yoga we understand the circumstances have changed for many of you and evidence to prove unemployment will not be necessary.  



  • If a student cannot attend a class that they have booked in for we ask for 24 hours notice period to cancel place. 

  • If you do need to cancel your booking can be carried across into another class in the same week. 

  • Payment will be held if students fail to turn up or do not cancel 24 hours previous to class. 

  • Failure to show to 2 classes per calendar will result in a small fee of £10 to be paid.


  • If your membership includes zoom meetings/classes the maximum capacity of students Zita Yoga would hold is 15 students. If you are unable to attend a class/meeting online Zita Yoga would ask for a 24 hours notice period. 

  • Your booking would be able to be carried over into another zoom class subjected to availability. 



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