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"My experience with Zita Fitness was amazing. Zita was very welcoming and the experience began as soon as we entered the door. The Yoga studio we practiced in was perfect and everything was provided to enable us to practice. The instruction from Zita was tailored to our individual needs and I truly felt I was being taught by a Master and because of that my practice has developed. Our accommodation was perfect and we were made to feel at home and experience a truly Yogic way of being. Zita is the perfect teacher if you want to really learn about Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation. Thank you for a beautiful and enlightening as well as fun time. I wish you joy."

June Spencer from Grimsby, UK

"A wonderful weekend spent here on the retreat, I met some lovely people and Zita's skills, insight, warmth and kindness was second to none. I felt incredibly welcome and comfortable, learning so much more about the practice and getting advice and support.

Was sad to leave and will absolutely be visiting again, I couldn't recommend Zita highly enough - whether you are a starter to a seasoned yogi - you will certainly benefit from spending some time here. An absolute pleasure and a wonderful lady."

Katy Ennis-Hargreaves

"All classes always start with tuning into your body. Relaxation; in preparation for the medative practice. All postures are fully explained and adapatable to all levels. The classes are normally directed to all levels of skill and capabilities even though the age groups vary the class and tuition are individual. The importance of the breath whilst going into and out of a posture is always fully explained. 
Zita emphasizes of the importance of never pushing your body beyond it's limits. The differences between her regular classes and now zoom tuition are that she observes and gives individual advice to help you move further forward with your practice. Zita sits on her mat observing each person. If you do not understand a posture she demonstrates and observes. Whereas in a normal class Zita does the practice with you. I have not attended any other zoom class with such personal one to one tuition. All of Zita's classes are stimulating, engaging and fun. I fully reccommend anyone who wants to attend a yoga class at any level to give Zita a go."


Veronica Webster, York 

"Wow. This is a really inspiring and rare look into fully living the yoga life and understanding what it all means and where it comes from. Zita is a fabulously knowledgeable teacher and has a big heart. Go with an open mind and an open heart and you never know what you might come away with, even if it’s just one thing or several elements of it. It’s really worth doing this to stop and take stock. It certainly helped me- I arrived feeling wired from work and a bit off kilter. At the end of the weekend I felt lighter and refreshed.

Amazing company, amazing food and a comfortable space to be you" 

Chelsea Yates

"Wonderful place to learn yoga. Zita is very knowledgeable, and patient, and lets you learn at your own pace. She knows when to encourage you onto the next step, and I have learnt so much in a year. I would definitely recommend Zita Yoga to anyone, at any level, from beginner to advanced."

Jayne, York

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