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New website - new ways to yoga

Welcome to more ways to enjoy yoga practice

I am passionate about the benefits yoga can bring to anyone, and especially in these difficult times. I have created my new website to make it much easier to find the yoga practice that is right for you.

I have developed both studio based and online yoga classes and packages, so you can enjoy benefits such as yoga for relaxation or to help you sleep, wherever you are able or feel more comfortable practicing.

Yoga classes are available online, by video, or in the studio

Zita, yoga master
Your yoga teacher Zita

I hold both weekly studio and online classes, and I produce a weekly yoga video for you to practice along with me in your own time.

You will find a calendar showing all the details here You can book a class that interests you from there, or go to Book online.

There are also five yoga packages:

  • two beginner packages, and

  • three classes for everyone who has completed a beginners course, or wants to enhance their yoga practice in a more in-depth way than just attending, or following, a weekly class

Click for details of all the packages, what's included, and costs - you can book from there, or click to go straight to booking a package

One-to-one yoga practice
One to one yoga session

One-to-one yoga sessions

My one-to-one yoga sessions are a great way to move forward in your yoga practice. We can discuss what you would like to achieve from your yoga practice, and I can tailor an individual programme and work with you to achieve your goals. These sessions are available on Tuesdays. Read more information about the benefits of one-to-one sessions in the Calendar - Tuesday.

I hope you find a class or package that is right for you, and remember anyone at any age can start, or continue their yoga practice.

If you are uncertain, or you would like to discuss the classes or packages, please contact me, I will be delighted to help you.

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