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Give a gift of health and calm

Lit candle with snow and sparkle.

Although we are going through strange times affecting the whole world, a good way to reduce anxiety and stress about things we can't change, is to focus on the positive things we can still do. One of the things we can still do is to enjoy this time of the year, and, if you celebrate, Christmas.

Christmas baking. Mixing bowl and spices.

This year, you might not be able to be with all of the people you want to celebrate with, but you can still make it special for you and whoever you can be with.

Try to stick to your traditions, the things that make Christmas special for you and your loved ones:

  • plan that special meal for Christmas day

  • bake your Christmas cake, or chocolate log, or mince pies, or trifle ...

  • buy, or make, Christmas gifts, and post them, or if that's not possible, send a gift electronically, such as a e-voucher, or an e-ticket to an online concert

  • buy the Christmas tree, or get out your old faithful, and decorate it

  • decorate your house. This year you could really go to town with a bit of sparkle and lights

  • make new traditions - video call people you can't be with, and enjoy your special meals together, open a few presents, sing together.

Thoughtful gifts

Iced and decorated Christmas biscuits.

This year has made a lot of us take stock of how we normally live, and what we might have taken for granted in the past. Shopping for all the things we might have thought essential for Christmas in the past will probably be more difficult this time.

Matching up a perfect gift with the right person is a lovely thing to get right. Why not have a go at making a gift for your loved ones this year. You don't have to make professional standard gifts. Often the fact that something has been made with thought and a bit of love is far more important than the gift itself.

There are many things you could do for a thoughtful gift:

  • bake a special treat - chocolates, a cake, jam, chutney ...

  • knit a scarf, blanket or jumper, or even bunting

  • sew a festive cushion, placemats, tote bag or a little pin cushion

  • create a tasty liqueur - sloe or rhubarb gin, toffee vodka, there are a host of recipes out there to follow.

Calm yoga with candles.

A gift of health and calm

One of the most thoughtful gifts you could give, is a gift that helps someone stay healthy, and calm. A voucher for a yoga class or series of classes is perfect, especially as you have the option of giving someone the voucher in person, or posting it, or sending it electronically by email if you can't be with that person.

Here at Zitayoga I have vouchers for:

Contact me at if you want to purchase, or to discuss, the yoga vouchers, and the right class or package.

However you celebrate Christmas, and especially this year, have a healthy, calm and peaceful time. Namaste.

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