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What data do we hold? 

Here at ZitaYoga we only hold your name, phone number, email address and medical information that you have provided us with that is relevant to your yoga practice. Third party organisations will not have access to your information. We keep data both in paper form which is kept in a locked file and electronically on Microsoft outlook and MailChimp. 


Why do we hold data? 


We love to keep you updated with new classes, new times, retreat info and our monthly newsletters!! We also ensure all our students are updated with Covid-19 guidelines.

If we have cancellations, changes at short notice or medical issues that may arise we will use your email addresses or phone numbers to notify you of these circumstances. 

No longer want to be subscribed? 

1- Click 'unsubscribe' at the end of our emails and newsletters

2- Email us here at ZitaYoga at 

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