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Here are some common questions we get asked here at Zitayoga, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us...


"I'm not flexible can I do yoga?"

YES! Many people think that to be able to do yoga you must begin being able to touch your toes however this is not the case, please do not worry each week you will get a little closer!



"What should I wear?"

Anything that is loose or stretchy and comfortable will do, please do not feel like you have to go get something expensive the most important thing is you must be able to move. 

I would recommend a wirefree bra as it may help with certain poses. 



"What should I bring to class?"

Due to Covid-19 I would recommend you bring your own mat to class with you. There are many available online or in sports shops. Within this current circumstance we ask if you would please bring a mask with you too. 



"Will my yoga teacher adjust my pose?"

NO. Due to Covid-19 social distancing is key and will be continued through all classes. If you have an injury please inform me so I can work the poses around your ability. 

Also, if I notice someone in the wrong pose or causing damage to themselves I will correct you verbally to ensure safe practice.  


"How much and when shall I eat prior to class?"

Please try to avoid eating 2 hours before a class, a light snack is fine. 



"When will I start seeing results?"

With yoga and especially here at ZitaYoga pushing your body is a no no, baby steps is my moto. The harder you push the more injuries and strain your body will endure. There is no time frame in yoga but you will notice a change in your well-being of body and mind. 

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